Monday, May 31, 2010

summer activities...

With Memorial Day weekend the unofficial kick off to summer, I thought I'd take some inspiration from my sons kindergarten homework. Write three (or more) sentences about your favorite summer activities. I'd love to hear yours!!

Is cuddling with big bird on your list (that's what he was in the middle of writing)?


  1. Do we have to use sentences?! lol

    How about: going to the beach, picnics, homemade ice cream, Scout day camp, and reading, reading, reading!

    Jane - Jacksonville

  2. I love going on walks, eating popsicles in the sun, grilling, going to playgrounds, picnics, reading in a hammock, vacations... I think I could go on and on. I love summer!

  3. I think grilling and entertaining is on the top of our list... We have a special request from the niece and nephew for my elephant ears. They have become a family tradition for the 4th. The other thing we have done for years is to make doughies in the fire pit.. we set up on the driveway and neighbors or whomever stop by and we roast hot dogs and make doughies.. a dough "cup" is baked on the end of a stick over the fire and then filled with pie filling and whipped cream or chili and cheese... and of course there is the marshmellows... sometimes smores. And it's always a great day when it is really hot and we can swim in the pool....minus sunburns though.